Dragintra has grown rapidly and has the ambition to drive ongoing growth. This calls for professionalization of the sales role. As sales manager at Dragintra, Herman Vernooij is keen to take up that challenge. Starting conversations with employers to identify their underlying needs is one of the spearheads of his approach. “The key is listening well and asking the right questions. That’s how you will find out what challenges the client is facing and jointly arrive at the best possible solution.” 

Herman is a car enthusiast, which is reflected in his work. He has gained extensive experience working in sales-related roles at automotive industry suppliers. And he has seen products and services change beyond recognition, noticing a trend in product development. “Products that are only available for the happy few and in the luxury segment today, are standard accessories in every car tomorrow. It’s these dynamics in the automotive industry that drive me.” 

Stepping stone to fleet management 

“My experience with car monitoring systems has much ground in common with fleet management and digital solutions. Those systems enable you to monitor and consequently improve driving behaviour. For instance, by coaching drivers to increase their awareness and stimulate different handling.” 

He continues, “For me, Dragintra is the logical next step. I wanted a role in which I could connect cars, other types of mobility and people, to create value in collaboration with colleagues and clients. Dragintra gives me the chance to do just that.” 

Matching expertise to market needs  

Since 1 December 2023, Herman has reinforced the Dutch Dragintra team. “Our people have unrivalled expert knowledge and experience. By observing them closely I am identifying opportunities to increase client value.”  

In conversations with clients, Herman aims to establish what drives clients to outsource mobility management, or to opt for insourcing using the FleetPack software package. “I am really interested in learning what challenges companies are facing and match those with our expertise.” Tactical and strategic consultancy also plays a crucial part, as mobility is an important employee benefit. “In a tight labour market, we leverage our solutions to create opportunities for employers.” 

Sharing knowledge 

 Although companies are increasingly offering different types of mobility, leased cars remain important. And today’s developments in the automotive market have a huge impact on tomorrow’s organisation of motor fleets. Herman illustrates, “For instance, how will the transition from dealer to agency agreements affect clients? What will this mean for pricing and negotiating space?” In view of the importance of such developments, Dragintra shares knowledge and insights with its stakeholders. 

Offering clients added value 

“Our people are key to our added value. It’s their knowledge and the way they unburden clients. Dragintra has been around for 25 years and you can sense the experience. What’s also important is that we are independent. That’s how we can offer the best possible solution geared to the client’s needs. Like solutions to save costs and drive down CO2 emissions.” Herman and Dragintra are fully committed to achieving the best results for their clients. 

What about clients that opt for FleetPack? “FleetPack also helps save costs and time. All the relevant information converges on the platform, resulting in valuable insights. We implement the package, align reporting to the information needs and ensure that the client gets the most out of the package. Of course, we also provide support, and as FleetPack is a SaaS solution, the client automatically benefits from updates.”  

Still, Herman remains realistic. “I’m approaching clients for which we can truly offer added value. And we must be able to deliver what we promise.” But his realism does not stand in the way of product innovation. “We’re not just focused on cars, we can manage far more assets that are important to our clients’ operations. From their employees’ mobility budgets and public transport season tickets to lease bikes and entire motor fleets.” 

Growing together 

It’s Herman’s ambition to drive Dragintra’s growth and he wants the company to be viewed as the knowledge partner and preferred supplier for employers. To fulfil this ambition, he harnesses his healthy competitive spirit and preference for team sports. “In sports, I try to win with my team. And it’s the same in my job, because realising growth is a team effort based on the intrinsic will to help clients. Dragintra is the go-to expert that secures mutual success.”